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About The Company

Csimota Oktató Bt. has been operating on the language teaching and translation market for seven years now. We offer English, German, French and Russian language courses for companies, we teach Hungarian as a foreign language, and we also do translations ranging from general to technical language.

We have in-house courses i.e. our teachers visit our customers (students) in the Capital as well as in the country. We work with various (tailor-made) schedules: 2x2, 2x4, 1x2, 1x3, 1x6 ... lessons weekly, and we offer two-day intensive courses in min. 16 lessons usually held in a country hotel. Apart from traditional forms of education we keep in touch with our students via email on demand. (“e-education”).

We offer business and general English courses, from beginner to advanced level, including the preparation for language exams.

Tuition fees:

*      From HUF 2500/lesson

Translation fees:

*      HUF 2000-2500/page depending on content and deadline.



*      consecutive: HUF5000+VAT/hour (general); special/technical +20% extra. 1 day HUF35,000 +VAT; special/technical +20% extra.

*      synchronised: HUF10000+VAT/hour (general); special/technical +20% extra. 1 day HUF80,000+VAT; special/technical +20% extra.



If the above have raised your interest, please contact us.